Weclome to Norganna.org Uploads

This service is provided for patrons of Norganna's AddOns to upload images, binary files such as zips or other necessary files for support related enquiries to be fulfilled. This is specifically not a general filehosting service; external link-ins are monitored.

Please don't upload files here unless asked by a member of the development team to do so, as this will quickly fill up our space if you upload unnecessary files.

All uploads are secure as long as you don't give out the retrieval URL to anyone but the desired parties. Once someone has your URL, they will be able to access your files.

For uploading error logs or code snippets, please use Norganna's Pastey Repository instead.

Don't forget to copy and give us the URL of your uploaded file, or else we won't be able to find it!

Upload a file: